Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bringing skateboards to the contest.

Bringing your boards to the Ahoy is fine if you like to skate outside. However, for obvious reasons we do not allow boards inside the viewing area. You have to leave your deck at the entrance for a 50 eurocent fee.

Ready, set.... GO!

We're set! Way in time all is fresh, clean and ready for a million wheels. Click here for the new 3D picture.

WSR on NOS and RTL

WSR will be on TV! NOS Journaal op 3 will do a piece on the photocontest and RTL4 in het land did some checkouts on the course. Watch and improve your knowledge of the Dutch language at the same time.

The contest format

Just a litle thing about the contest.

The whole street contest, except for the finals, will be in a jam-format which means 5 riders on the course per jam. Judging will give riders a score, so this is not a head-to-head system.

All heats will feature a couple of warm-up minutes, an introduction and finally: 5 minutes of competing time!

The street finals are still a secret but trust us: it's going to be very exciting!

Mystery Black & White premiere

The long awaited first Mystery video hit the screens in the USA and will premiering in Holland on Friday the 27th during the WSR07.
Screenings (19:00, 20:00 and 21:00) will take place at the Cinerama Cinema on the Westblaak 18. That's just next to the Left Skatestore. Tickets available in Left for €5.