Thursday, July 19, 2007

WSR07 Commercial

$10.000 Photo Contest at the WSR07

A few days prior to the event, 15 selected photographers are taking part in the photo contest in search of the perfect skate picture within the city limits of Rotterdam. Results will be exhibit in the Ahoy stadium and a public vote will choose the winner, who gets the $10.000 for the best pic!
In addition the weekend is stuffed with a surrounding program of art exhibitions in graphic, photo and video and three days full of fine music and dazzling parties and a lot of nice people. For example the first real European skateboard brand "Deathbox" (named Flip after they moved to the USA) exposition with a reunion of former riders. We are also delight to celebrate SLAP Magazines 15th Anniversary with an exhibition during the WSR07…so don’t miss out on one of the most original skateboard contest in the world, that combines skateboarding with art, film, music, people and pleasure and be our friend at the WSR MYSPACE

Less than two weeks to go to the World Championship of Skateboarding 2007!

The contest will take place from the July 27–29 in charming Rotterdam, Holland. An international line up of the top Pros and Ams skateboarders
like Arto Saari, Rune Glifberg, Geoff Rowley, Tom Penny and David Gonzalez promises excellent skateboarding. Furthermore Justin Figueroa and David Loy, Tony Trujillo, Corey Duffel and Adam Dyett are expected to battle it out for the 80.000,00 euro prize money.

The street contest is the core event of the weekend. The 2500 square meters inside the Ahoy stadium will be transformed by IOU-Ramps from Germany into a skateable paradise of wood, concrete and marble. The spectacular vert contest takes place right in front of the Ahoy stadium with the finals on Sunday night. The World Championship of Skateboarding in Rotterdam is sanctioned by World Cup Skateboarding.


A very warm Dutch "Welkom" to the fresh WSR07 website. Here we'll have daily updates, reports and pictures. Like the building of the course from now on. So logon daily to get yourself ready for next weekend!

The WSR crew.